Born in South East London, April 1992

Lives & works in West Cornwall


Samuel works with imagery, the Internet, screens, his Iphone, the Ken Burns effect, complete chance, intuition and most things around him in the thoroughly connected internet age to create [digital] video work at this particular moment in time. He has been known to perform, have others perform for him, take photos, hide pictures of Bill Murray, spread, and he once made a painting.


His aesthetic is hard to pin down, disrupting the binary, presenting several takes on a theme in one work. A pervading interest in time, connections, synchronicity, looping and chance encounters run through his work. The right moment at the right time and the wrong moment at the wrong time are both equally important for him.


Taking tropes from the art world, popular and Internet culture and catapulting them into the digital age through his eyes. He is completely unafraid of appropriating source material straight off the web, which he sees as a treasure trove of things to be thrust into the context of Fine Art, recently dragging a clip off of a video titled ‘beach fails’ to use in a six channel video instillation alongside his own imagery and other video acquired from the internet. Creating moments of overload and frustration that sit beside calming meditation, his work becomes a mediation of the digital, his work becomes a conduit through which we can re-evaluate commonalities such as the sea or timewasting and bathe in the glow of millennial screen culture.